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A podcast of the random musings of two butting perspectives; on the arts, sciences, the human condition, and whatever else slips in. The show is recorded in stereo so it works best if you listen in headphones or stereo speakers.





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WARNING: this episode contains religious analysis, and some crying, if you are offended by either one, you may want to skip over this episode.

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Tara Greene, Psychic
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Continuity of Consciousness

In this episode Rachael boldly takes on the continuity problem, blindfolding herself and walking confidently into the transporter "la la la" (Energize!).  Unfortunately, unbeknownest to her, there's a problem; it's hard to teleport an idea from Dave's brain into hers.  The long, evolving thought experiment seems to call into question whether or not there is continuity within the original copy's own mind, forget even breaking continuity, or transporting at all...

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Dr. Eugene McCarthy and the Chimp-pig Hybrid

A lengthy discussion with Dr. Eugene McCarthy on his Hybrid Hypothesis.

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End of Dogs III: Revenge of the Sniff

In this, the final episode in the End of Dogs saga, as the Dog Empire shows no signs of weakening; Rachael brings along her padawan to illustrate her point.  Will the two turn Dave to the dark side, convincing him that there is something special in their flesh and fur, using the immense power of the life force?  Or will he finally defeat the evil dog emperor, with a series of Jedi logic mind tricks... these are not the clones you are looking for... only dogs have four legs, Jack has four legs, Jack is a robot dog.

Epilogue: Pseudoscience or Pseudo-pseudoscience, in the wake of a devastating first game loss, Rachael must now choose between: Swamp Water Drinking, Nasal Drinking, and Water Bands (power-bands for your cup)

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Of Mice and Mandi

A great conversation with Microbioligist Dr. Amanda Martyn PhD, and us regular knobs.  She explains the use of animal models in research, her own and standard practices.  She describes the winding tale of breadcrumbs that lead her PhD knock-out mice to illuminate the link of a protein to postpartum depression.  And then, after gratiously doing that for us; we interrupt her sacred cow, in a new segment of the same name.  Where she then has to defend her belief in ghosts, all in good fun.

After which, in another new segment, Rachael plays Pseudoscience or Pseudo-pseudoscience, in a tunnel underneath the earth.  Given three options, she needs to pick which one Dave made up, and which two everyone else made up.  Play along and see how you stack up against the pseudo-guru Rachael.

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End of Dogs II: Attack on the Clones
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The Dog Trilogy Episode I: The Phantom Licking
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Lost in Space

Dave and Rachael float aimlessly through space, thankfully in a non-googleplex universe.  Accompanied by atonal impromptu trumpet they continue a search for the name of the podcast and stumble upon a Psionics, the practical use of psychic powers.  Rachael describes her rules for psychic powers. and then gets science's rules in return; with a discussion on the possible, the plausible, and a full blown assessment of psychic powers.  

Oh, and then Rachael tries to tell us that she doesn't get tickled... but knows how it feels.

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After a false start, Rachael and Dave try to use their mouths to discuss David Eagleman writing about the brain in his book Incognito; where Mike May uses a camera and his tongue to rock climb with eyes that don't work; and the fictional homunculus that doesn't sit inside your brain, doesn't experience your senses; but your conscious mind does hear your name in the cocktail party illusion, even though you weren't consciously listening to each voice.  Then, while the toad doesn't think, and the lizard doesn't have consciousness; and your dog greets you by instinct; penguins mate for life and Rachael tries to reason, are they conscious?  If you connected your partners brain signal to your tongue, could you hear them in a coma, and watch your own dreams back?   Were Neanderthal ludites afraid of spear technology?  Could blindsighted people run from Godzilla?  Could Anton-Babinski sufferers, cold-read?  Do Rachael and Nadine know where the door is?  Nadine bets a dollar she does, Rachael bets her life; listen to see who loses which...

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